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All margarita fruit flavored mixes are all made up of real fruit purees giving you a real refreshing fruity margarita taste. Enhance your taste buds and rim the top of your glass with one of our flavored sugar rimmings. We also carry a variety of colored salts giving you more than one way to top your Margarita Lizard experience.
Margarita Mixes & Flavors (slushes):
Classic Lime Strawberries Orange
Margarita & Crème Pink Bubblegum
Strawberry Margarita Strawberry Kiwi Cola
Strawberry Daiquiri Kiwi Lime Blue coconut
Peach Pink Lemonade Tamarindo
Peach Daiquiri Lemon Lime Jamaica
Peach Bellini Cherry Limeade Cappuccino
Banana Lemonade Mocha Cappuccino
Wild Berry White Cherry French Vanilla
Papaya Black Cherry Cappuccino
Pineapple Cherry Orange Mango
Raspberry Blue Raspberry Fuzzy Navel
Coconut Raspberry Mango Blue Hawaiian
Mango Pineapple Banana Hawaiian Fruit
Honey Dew Melon Green Apple Rum Runner
Prickly Pear Cactus Berry Punch Hard Lemonade
Guava Watermelon Mai Tai
Pina Colada    

Margarita Lizard stocks most of the common used flavors, however other flavors may need to be ordered in advanced for your special event. Contact your local Margarita Lizard for availability.
Sugar Rimmers for Margaritas:
Banana Daiquiri sugar
Peach Daiquiri sugar
Strawberry Daiquiri sugar
Pina Colada sugar
Green Apple sugar
Colored rimming salt is also available to fit your theme or event:
Traditional White
Orange salt
Blue salt
Green salt
Yellow salt
Red salt
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